• VIN dekoder



    You can choose the amount of pre-paid queries based on your expected volume of requests. Quantity discount is possible.


    Ask for VIN decoder API key at

    API call is made by simply to use REST service. Just build URL with 3 required parameters

    • VIN
    • API Key
    • Control check

    Control check is calculated as first 10 characters of SHA1 hash made of:
    VIN|API key|Secret key.

    End point for the API web service is accessible at http://vindecoder.eu/api.php

    Request example in PHP:

    $apikey "************";   // Ask for API key
    $secretkey "**********";  // Ask for secret key

    $controlCheckOriginalString "$vin|$apikey|$secretkey";
    $controlCheckComputed substr(sha1($controlCheckOriginalString), 010);

    $request "?vin=$vin&apikey=$apikey&controlcheck=$controlCheckComputed";

    $data file_get_contents("http://vindecoder.eu/api.php{$request}"false);
    $result json_decode($data);



    API response example:

    "manufacturer":"Volkswagen AG",
    "manufacturer_address1":"Berliner Ring 2",
    "product_type":"Passanger Cars",
    "wmi_reg_date":"2001-09-04 00:00:00",
    "vds":{"model":"Passat B6"},
    "check_digit_status":"not valid",

    vinWVWZZZ3CZ8P054928Requested VIN
    manufacturerVolkswagen AGManufacturer company name
    manufacturer_address1Wolfsburg/HannoverManufacturer address
    manufacturer_address2Berliner Ring 2Manufacturer address
    manufacturer_address3Manufacturer address
    manufacturer_zip38440Manufacturer ZIP code
    plant_codeGermanyCountry where vehicle was planted
    product_typeCars/Trucks/Remorques/...Vehicle specification
    model_year2013Model year
    vds{"model":"Passat B6"}Vehicle Descriptor Section, field of attributes
    check_digit_char2Return check digit
    check_digit_statusvalid/not validValid check digit
    sequential_number148992Vehicle sequential number
    statussuccess/failureSuccess when requested VIN is valid


    "message":"Control check doesn't match"

    code400/401HTTP status code
    messageEmpty vinVIN parameter is missing or is empty
    messageVIN is not validVIN lenght is not equal 17
    messageVIN is not valid. Prohibited chars "I", "O", "Q"Prohibited chars caused invalid VIN
    messageEmpty apikeyApikey parameter is missing or is empty
    messageVIN is unknownVIN couldn't been recognized. Misspeling possible.
    messageNo credits on your account. Please prepay more queries to continue.Prepay more requests.
    messageControl check emptyControl check parameter is missing or is empty
    messageControl check doesn't matchControl check parametr is not valid
    messageUnknown apikeyAPI key is not recognized.


    If you run into issues when implementing the VIN decoder API please let us know. We'll be happy to help you.